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'Scholars' Release 'Statement of Concern' Declaring 'Democracy' Dead in America Unless Nancy Pelosi's Election Power Grab Is Passed

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The 2020 elections were a disgrace. Under the guise of responding to a bogus “public health emergency,” tried and true processes were cast aside, some by state officials and others by power-crazed federal judges, and replaced with a mishmash of ill-conceived and arbitrary rules that seemed, putting the best gloss on them, tailored to “do something.”  To look at them more skeptically, the rule changes give the appearance of being an overt attempt to corrupt the electoral system. The alacrity with which the political and judicial systems overseeing contested elections have dismissed for ‘lack of standing’ challenges have fed suspicions that the fix was in before the first ballot was cast. Indeed, according to an Ipsos/Reuters poll released last week, 56% of all Republicans believe the election was stolen.

All the while, state legislatures stood idly by, thumbs firmly inserted in their fourth point of contact, and watched their Constitutional authority over the “time, manner and place” of elections usurped without so much as a whimper.

Ostensibly to solve a problem that did not exist prior to the meddling of people not entitled to make election rules, the Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced a monstrous bill that involves nothing less than a federal takeover of all elections. It would expand “voting rights” to the point that the term “registered voter” would have no meaning. Such limits and potential penalties are associated with cleaning up voter rolls that it is safe to say that core Democrat constituency, the deceased, would continue to grow and become more vibrant. State legislatures would be barred from creating Congressional districts, “independent” commissions would have that authority. The Federal Elections Commission would be weaponized. And, in a jab at President Trump, all presidential and vice-presidential candidates would have to disclose ten years of income tax returns.

The bill sailed through the House but stalled in the Senate thanks to its 50-50 split and the refusal of West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin and Arizona Democrat Krysten Sinema to go along with this travesty. But that has not ended the debate. Enormous pressure is being

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