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Vaccine Mandates Are A Nightmare For Women Who Could Get Pregnant

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Get vaccinated or get terminated. That’s the precedent being set by businesses, corporations, and universities at an increasingly alarming rate.

Delta Airlines announced it’s requiring vaccines for all new hires. The University of Pennsylvania Health System is requiring all employees and clinical staff to be vaccinated no later than Sept. 1 of this year. More than 400 colleges and universities are doing the same, requiring students and employees to get COVID-19 vaccines to return to campuses.

In other workplaces, vaccine mandates are taking a different shape. Salesforce, for example, is one of many businesses reopening its doors to fully vaccinated employees only. Not vaccinated yet? Have fun explaining that one to your boss.

The wrath against so-called “anti-vaxxers,” or more accurately termed “the vaccine-hesitant,” is real. According to “The View’s” Joy Behar, former Donald Trump supporters are refusing the vaccine “to fix Nancy Pelosi.” (Never mind that the former president called the vaccine “one of the greatest medical miracles” and took it back in January). Her colleague Sunny Hostin added, “We need to shun those who refuse to get vaccinated.” Considering the scale that it’s happening, she must be satisfied.

The reason so many cite for young, healthy Americans who aren’t at high risk of severe COVID-19 to get vaccinated is to protect “the immunocompromised or people who can’t get vaccinated yet.” Yet, if that’s the case, shouldn’t the policies and rhetoric being applied to those who are not yet vaccinated better reflect that?

The New York Times’ “The Daily” podcast chose to make a Republican evangelical Christian couple who believe in a Bill Gates “microchip” conspiracy theory the banner of its vaccine hesitancy story. The Atlantic blamed vaccine resistance on “COVID-19 denialism.” While these narratives exist and are a relevant piece of the story, they don’t accurately reflect the entire picture of why some Americans have delayed getting vaccinated. Among them: fertility concerns.

Only a couple of weeks after learning I was pregnant, the COVID-19 vaccine became available to me. This left me in a predicament: risk getting COVID-19 while pregnant or taking an experimental vaccine while trying to

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