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Why Woke Christianity Is The Greatest Threat To Christians Today

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My child’s private Catholic elementary school recently welcomed a queer-promoting transgender advocate as part of its “antiracism” speaker series, declaring “diversity of identity and thought” is “a core characteristic of our Catholic faith.” The school insinuated the “transgender experience” and “defining ourselves for ourselves” can “result in more love,” and that such ideas are consistent with the sanctity of each individual as created in God’s image.

The school’s embrace of anti-Christian, Marxist critical race theory was outrageous enough. The latest attempt, however, aims to pass off as Catholic an ideology that undermines Catholic teaching on family and sexuality while blaspheming the Creator and Judge. So I decided to yank my child out of the school and find a more theologically sound learning environment.

This is the “liberal” Christianity that is corrupting our schools, universities, and churches at the hands of woke, misguided, or just poorly catechized administrators, teachers, and pastors. At its core, and under the guise of the pseudo-Christian virtues of progress and tolerance, the “liberal” Christian heresy entails the most destructive lie in the history of the church: a rejection of the self-denial and sacrificed demonstrated on road to Golgotha.

Indeed, as such a posture distorts the very meaning of what it means to be Christian, it is the most pernicious threat confronting Christians today.

The Media’s Role Cheerleading ‘Liberal’ Christianity

Whether it’s Catholic bishops kneeling to the Black Lives Matter movement, Jesuit priests questioning the biblical condemnation of homosexuality, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s election of their first transgender bishop, or Baptist pastors promoting abortion, “liberal” Christian heresy abounds. The cancerous idea that God’s law is subject to the prevailing culture has spread from politics, academia, and the corporate media, and is permeating our Christian institutions.

The ascendency of “Catholic Joe Biden” to the White House produced a flurry of media commentary gushing over the promising future of “progressive” Christianity. The New York Times kicked things off with the claim that under Biden, “a different, more liberal Christianity” is on the rise, suggesting he “has elevated his own liberal Catholicism to the center of our national

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