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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Planks for a New 'Contract With America'

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Planning ahead for a Republican-controlled Congress after the 2022 landslide, here is an amalgamation of planks in a conservative (ostensibly Republican) platform from a variety of sources. Frankly, I’d like to see most of these in a new “Contract with America” in order to help screen candidates for next year’s congressional elections.

Ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory, including the 1619 Project-related curriculum, throughout America. Override Biden’s Executive Orders through legislative action. End academic tenure. It was designed to promote free speech and ended up ensuring coerced uniformity of thought. Competition is good for everyone (except the incompetent). Start encouraging natural gas usage for transportation. It is a clean, abundant transportation fuel that would save us billions in decreased imported oil fees and would increase jobs. We should build ten nuclear reactors a year, too. The greenies should support that because it’s the only “clean” alternative for charging all of their electric vehicles. Make significant investments in national defense to pace the threat (Communist China) while getting rid of all the social engineering claptrap in DoD. America has never regretted being over-armed, but we are beginning to regret the ongoing cancel culture-initiated purge in the military services. End affirmative action. Given intermarriage and the diversity of races and ethnic groups, it is beginning to look like the racial codes of the Old South. An entire class of victims-rights operators has mastered the system and created a level of cynicism that erodes public confidence. North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s recent speech pertains; it is a MUST WATCH! Implement a national exit test for bachelor’s degrees. Ensure that the degrees count for something more than a piece of paper. Provide incentives for clean living. Those who are on federal assistance or Medicare, should receive bonuses for weight control, good blood pressure, and not smoking—either increased benefits or reduced copayments. Abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Incentivize whistleblowers and implement strong personal protections in whistleblower laws. Reorganize and repurpose the FBI from top to bottom. Move FBI headquarters to the middle of the country. Finish the Wall, fine employers who

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