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Corporate America Continues to Render Pride Month Meaningless

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On July 6, 1892, a private security group hired by Henry Clay Frick to protect the Homestead, an iron factory owned by Andrew Carnegie, and bust the union strike that was occurring there. The confrontation between the security group and the union workers turned violent, and workers and security forces alike were left dead.

That security group, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, has long been associated with union-busting, though they have been known to take part in other investigations (including tracking Wild West outlaws like the Wild Bunch).

Their history has made them a consistent villain in the national labor movement and union activists, and it wasn’t until recently that I realized they were still around. It was revealed last year that Amazon had hired them to try and identify union organizers in their workforce. This same, storied organization that has long been the bane of one of the biggest progressive movements in American history, however, would like you to know they are down with the LGBT movement.

First of all, with a hashtag in the bio like “#weneversleep”, the Pinkertons are just embracing the whole villain identity, aren’t they? Secondly, I find it hilarious that the profile says they’re not following anyone when it’s very clear that following people is their primary business offering.

But, I suppose there are worse companies who could choose to celebrate Pride Month.

All the upstanding companies are doing it! pic.twitter.com/UO8TfXBW7z

— Þe Vexillological Hat (@ThePoliticalHat) June 14, 2021

More seriously, does being down with pride month actually mean anything anymore? Every corporation out there switches their profile picture to something with a rainbow and talks a good game about supporting the LGBT cause, even when their brand has nothing to do with LGBT issues and they rarely offer anything other than something symbolic they can make money from.

What on earth does the Pinkerton Agency actually do for the LGBT movement? Have they pledged to help more gay business owners break up unionization efforts in their businesses?

There is always a big corporate move to make sure that everyone knows

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