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Why Critical Race Theory Isn't About Just Teaching Social Studies

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They do not deny this, largely because they cannot deny it with any intellectual honesty. The point of Critical Race Theory is to divide white and black into oppressor and oppressed. It creates a class divide that is much greater than what we actually see in reality. The theory does not match the world.

As far as academic theories go, the first red flag is the fact that it has its own built-in counter for anyone who would challenge it: You are privileged, and therefore cannot see it. That is not a fair response to challenge, nor does it stand up in any meaningful rhetorical discussion. But, this isn’t about any civilized rhetorical discussion. It’s about division.

I mentioned in a RedState VIP post on Friday that, contrary to what the activists are saying right now, the history of racial strife in America was taught long before CRT became an educational tool (it originated as a legal theory and only recently transitioned into an educational application). For decades, we have taught in our classrooms that so much of American history is problematic in terms of how our country has treated minority groups, and that hasn’t stopped simply because some states are passing laws to ban CRT in our districts and schools.

But, you would not know that just listening to the people losing their minds that parents might expect to have a say in how their taxpayer dollars are being spent to divide their kids from one another. Late last week and over the weekend, there were many who lamented that Juneteenth was a federal holiday we can’t teach about in school… except that the bills garnering the most public attention (like in Florida and Texas) specifically stated that such issues have to be discussed in history classrooms.

Take Texas, for example. Juneteenth has been a recognized holiday in that state for decades, because the day originated in Texas. Moreover, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for the state’s education system include this in seventh grade social studies:

(2) History. The student understands how individuals, events, and issues through the

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