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College Station Bans Traditional Pet Shops

At Thursday's meeting, the College Station city council passed an ordinance that prohibits the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats in pet...

College Station to Vote on ROO in Special Meeting Today

The College Station City Council meets Monday at 4 p.m. at city hall to consider a Restricted Occupancy Overlay (ROO). The ordinance would allow single-family...

College Station Plans on Borrowing Additional $62 Million Without Taxpayer Vote

The College Station City Council voted to begin the process of issuing $62 million in certificates of obligations for capital projects. The...

Brazos Valley Hospitalizations Continue to Decline After Mask Order Rescinded

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-34 on March 2, 2021, and the order went into effect on March 10, 2021....

One would think holding a presser in the afternoon, after his noon-to-2 PM nap, would warm up the synapses still snapping in the president’s melon, and we could get a cogent message from the leader of the free world. Apparently not. Suggesting anyone is MadMaxing the streets of America with automatic weapons with 100-round magazines is demagogic silliness. Even the St. Valentine’s Day gangsters didn’t use a 100-round drum.

President Biden’s word-salad on guns was another adventure in Joe-speak. I think the Whitehouse should consider having an interpreter next to Joe. One fluent in Joespeak and English. While Joe squints at his teleprompter and, inexorably, goes off script, the interpreter can interpret.

“Those who say the blood of patriots, you know, about all that stuff about how we’re gonna have to move against the government, well the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots, what’s happened is that there are never been – if you wanted to think you need to have weapons to take on the government you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” What?

He lost his train of thought twice and had to “circle back.”  Nuke ‘em Joe is the same guy who reasoned January 6th was democracy teetering on the abyss. You’d need nukes to take on the government but also, a dozen criminals and a couple hundred idiots (with the face of it being a dude wearing buffalo horns) nearly brought down the republic.

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State News

Biden Admin Sues Texas Over Executive Order Cracking Down on Transportation of Illegal Aliens

The Biden administration has filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas, after Gov. Greg Abbott released an executive order earlier this week prohibiting...

Austin Taxpayers Forced to Pay Left-Wing Consultants $10K/Day for Critical Race Theory Training

If it’s another week, it’s another boondoggle for the City of Austin, all paid for by citizens’ tax dollars. According to recent open records...

Abbott’s Latest Order Doesn’t Protect Long-Term Care Visitation Rights

Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest executive order leaves in place visitation restrictions for residents of long-term care facilities. Some facilities have even locked down again,...

The Liberty Café 44: Stupidity and Texas Republicans

Republicans have wasted a good portion of the 19 years they have been in charge of Texas government. On Episode 44 of the Liberty...

Fighting Honorably, In Context

As the saying goes, “Context is king.” Nowhere have I seen that so practically displayed as in Israel, where passages from the Bible spring...

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