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Assemblyman Kevin Kiley Throws His Hat Into the CA Governor's Recall Race

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Many of us have been waiting for this announcement, and California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-AD06) did not disappoint:

It’s official. I’m running to replace Gavin Newsom as the Governor of California.

— Kevin Kiley (@KevinKileyCA) July 6, 2021

Asm. Kiley announced his decision on his Capitol Quagmire blog:

It’s official. I’m running to replace Gavin Newsom as the Governor of California. You can visit my campaign website at KileyForCalifornia.com.

I can’t tell you how much all of your encouragement has meant to me. Over the next 70 days, I’ll fight in every way I can to get our movement across the finish line. We’re in it to win.

Kiley is the perfect opponent to go up against Gavin Newsom, because even though he’s a politician, he is not a Politico. Newsom is the greasy poster child of Politicos as well as the epitome of the special interest kingmaker. Kiley is despised by Newsom and the Democrats because of his vocal stance against corruption during his two terms in the Assembly. Kiley is not afraid to challenge the insanity of Sacramento, crafts legislation that is focused on Californians, and the not special interests that have broken the state. Most importantly, Kiley brings the fight to them, and will continue to do so as Governor.

Kiley has been a fierce champion not just for the people in the 6th District of California which he represents, but for all Californians. Kiley garnered national attention, not only for his backing of the Newsom Recall, and his recent book: Recall Gavin Newsom: The Case Against America’s Most Corrupt Governor, but for his staunch stance for the rights of freelancers, self-employed, and independent professionals before the horrific AB5, which outlaws independent contracting in the State of California, was passed into law. Since its passage, Kiley has sought its repeal, multiple times and has been a vocal critic of the bill’s creator, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-AD80), and the faulty amendments and add-ons to correct the fatally flawed legislation that has destroyed the livelihood of 4.5 million throughout the state.

Most notably, Kiley is the co-complainant, along with

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