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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Covering Themselves in Glory — Media Salivates Over the 6 Month ‘Anniversary’ of Capitol Riot

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Not at all shocking how those who want the story to live forever are giddy about today’s alleged significance.

January’s riot in the Capitol took place 6 months ago today. There is nothing at all resonant about that time frame, apart from one simple fact: Those who want to keep hyping the event use it to keep hyping the event. Today does not signify anything in particular to the riot, no threshold or deadline has been reached, and no specific achievement has been realized. Today’s remembrance serves only to fuel the media relying upon the event to demonize one side of the political landscape.

The riot was a result of idiotic behavior morphing into mob rule. Those who rampaged through the Capitol were idiots, and they all should be charged accordingly. But the press has been insistent on building this into a catastrophic event that fails to measure up to the claimed descriptions. This was not an attempted takeover of the government. The violence claimed has not fully measured up to the hyperbolic accusations. The crowd could not even achieve an intended goal of overturning the confirmation vote; all they managed was delaying that inevitability by a few hours.

Still, the riot needs to be hyped, it needs to be constantly churned as a story, for the purpose of accusations. Various GOP politicians are assumed complicit and conservatives, in general, are called out as having been supportive of the attack. All of this is fed into the media narrative of denying the election results. The press who loved questioning the veracity of the 2016 result and attributed it to a false Russian co-production suddenly blanches at the suggestion of asking questions about the 2020 result. Now they have the fulcrum to leverage that outrage.

The favorite narrative of the year has been describing those on the Right as being part of “The Big Lie.” Journalists who fake being outraged at any reference to the Holocaust (see how Gina Carrano and Marjorie Taylor Greene have absorbed scorn for insensitive comparisons) see no ironic problem invoking this Nazi-bred concept. Of course, these

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