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Director of National Intelligence Uses Crudely PhotoShopped Stock Photo to Showcase Its Fearsome Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Program

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Sometimes key themes of a political party come together in unusual and yet appropriate ways.

For instance, one of the hallmarks of the Biden bunch, since the Dementia Popsicle was installed in office, has been pushing racial division as the organizing philosophy of its governance. Mandatory training has been given to federal employees on the evil nature of Whiteness and the necessity of its overthrow.

You can’t address the problem without first acknowledging what it is. Critical race theory is anti-white. pic.twitter.com/ft239EOILT

— Ian Miles Cheong @ stillgray.substack.com (@stillgray) June 18, 2021

The US military is on the cusp of being brought to its knees by assclowns who don’t know how to win a war but have very clear ideas on how to drive recruiting into the ground, force talent out of the services, and create a Stasi-like network of informers and political commissars. This is driven by the Critical Race Theory tenet that unless all positions have a statistically equal representation of every race, ethnicity, and sexual perversion, then the felonious hand of Whiteness must be involved.

A second key characteristic of Joe Biden and his enablers and puppeteers is a legendary level of incompetence previously thought to be impossible to achieve. Virtually everything this bunch has touched has turned into a steaming pile of ordure, and the only thing that has saved them is a compliant and subservient press that routinely covers up mega-blunders because saving Joe and his progressive government is much more important than the truth.

Now we have an instance where both the slavish adherence to percentages is coupled with wildly incompetent behavior. It comes, naturally, from the agency that is apparently eavesdropping on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s communications.

Intelligence agency busted for blatant Photoshop job on cover of diversity report https://t.co/DJFas34b6A pic.twitter.com/NAoJS5T11A

— New York Post (@nypost) July 10, 2021

“Photoshop” doesn’t do credit to the episode.

The original photo is a stock image purchased (we hope) from stock photo site Shutterstock called “Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Office Staff Standing In Lobby.” Note the near-perfect percentages in the original. There are 15

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