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Cameras in Classrooms? Not So Fast

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(SPmemory/Getty Images) Volunteering at your kids’ schools would be a better way to detect and prevent leftist indoctrination.

There recently have been calls by some on the right to install cameras in classrooms as a method of oversight, stemming from concern that teachers are indoctrinating children. While favoring expanded education oversight, I wonder about this specific prescription’s safety, legality, and efficacy.

What I think the pro-surveillance voices get right is that we should hold teachers accountable for their actions and lessons. The public should be privy to what is being taught in the classroom, as we have a vested interest in the quality of education that children receive and the proper application of tax dollars.

From a certain angle, the implementation of recording in classrooms is equivalent to the use of police bodycams. Agents of the state — teachers and officers — are allowed extraordinary opportunities to impact the citizenry. As a countermeasure, they must be held to higher standards than the average member of society. This concept of tempering power is Madisonian in nature and quite good.

An unforeseen side effect of classroom oversight for concerned parents also would be the likely revelation that their children are not, in fact, darling, but little hellions. Much like police bodycams have overwhelmingly vindicated officers’ accounts of the criminal element’s deranged behaviors and dangers, so too would teacher-cams confirm that little Timmy is a Calvin-esque ruffian who screams at the faculty and is known to throw a chair or three because he is incapable of controlling himself. Because of laws barring physical teacher intervention, the room needs to be vacated by all other students while he rampages. While anecdotal to my wife’s teaching experience in a rural school district, I do not doubt that similar, formerly dismissed instances of horrid behavior by children that were once brushed aside by blinkered parents would be recorded, much to parents’ embarrassment.

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