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C'mon Man! National Ice Cream Day Should Not Be Political

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I don’t know about you but when the mercury starts skyrocketing toward the century mark, I want nothing more than to lounge under a shady tree or beach/pool umbrella and chow down into a bowl full of a creamy, cooling treat. Yeah, usually ice cream will handle that. But there’s also a wide variety of other options for those with dietary restrictions or desires (like some tasty, coconut or almond milk “frozen desserts”).

Regardless of how you choose to cool down this summer, today — it turns out — is a huge celebrations for all Americans and (perhaps) everyone around the world. It’s National Ice Cream Day!

A quick look at social media shows how many different kinds of people are getting in on the fun of it all.

Including pop music fans, like this Selena Gomez fan Twitters:

#NationalIceCreamDay calls for streaming #IceCream on repeat while chillin chillin with a pint of #CookiesAndCreamRemix 😜🍦💖 @selenagomez @BLACKPINK @Eat_Serendipity pic.twitter.com/8fl40LO09R

— Official Selenators (@SelenaFanClub) July 18, 2021

U.S. senators…

Today is a good day for U kno what. #NationalIceCreamDay 🍦 pic.twitter.com/mESAMgDfQn

— Grassley Works (@GrassleyWorks) July 18, 2021

and Joe Biden sycophants…

Happy #NationalIceCreamDay or as we Democrats like to call it President’s Day PT2 pic.twitter.com/ytGKgXrXxU

— Beki 🇺🇸 (@Daksthetruth) July 18, 2021

Wait, hold up. This is going in totally the wrong direction. And that’s on both sides.

If you really want to see more photo-ups like those, there are many, many of them out there around.

Ahem, okay. Let’s try it again.

While many different kinds of people are getting in on the spirit of Sunday’s made-up, ice cream festivities, you can also consider whether ketchup belongs on a ballpark hot dog, as my “Lower Culture With Becca Lower” VIP podcast pal and colleague Thomas LaDuke, guest and RedState cartoonist Jim Thompson, and I did in this recent episode, or even ponder along with senior editor Joe Cunningham on how the sausage is made (real sausage, not like in D.C.)

But, to get down to the basic facts, National Ice Cream Day is mostly a

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