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What Hath Big Tech Wrought?

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Americans of all political persuasions and affiliations ought to be outraged and horrified with the actions of Big Tech over the past few years.

Far from a strictly left or right issue, the sheer power wielded by a handful of Big Tech titans located in Silicon Valley presents a dire threat to the future of the republic.

The story begins when Facebook, Twitter, and Google came of age in the mid-2000s. At the time, most Americans greeted these new technologies and social media platforms with open arms.

Free email? Sign me up. Free access to social media? Sure, why not?

Little did they know that these Big Tech giants were offering their services not for free, but at a steep price. The “price” almost anyone who uses Big Tech pays is in an utter lack of privacy.

Once upon a time, Americans were willing to go to war for the maintenance of their privacy. Now, the vast majority of Americans could not care less about their privacy rights, as long as Big Tech keeps the “free” services coming.

I wonder if Big Tech would have become as omnipotent as it has, had most people been aware that their privacy was the price they would have to pay for these trivial services.

Yet, what’s done is done. Although unbeknownst to millions of Americans at the time, almost everyone is now fully aware that Big Tech and privacy rights are antithetical to each other.

Regardless, most Americans have decided that convenience and participating in a virtual universe of their own creation is worth the price of admission.

Once the dragnet over Americans’ privacy was cast, there was arguably no turning back. We had entered into the age of Big Tech. And things would never be the same.

Before Big Tech became the information and communication superstructure that it currently is, most Americans routinely engaged with people from all walks of life. This “shared experience,” to some degree, helped maintain a cohesive social discourse.

The sudden rise of Big Tech blew that away. Facebook and Twitter perpetuated echo chambers, in which like-minded Americans

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