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Republican Lawmakers Have Been Quick to Declare Victory as the Special Session Concludes, Not So Fast!

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What Was Left on the Table?

  • The Second-Called Special Legislative Session concluded with mixed results.
  • There were no penalties for those that broke-quorum.
  • There were no changes to what constitutes a legislative quorum.
  • There was no tangible property tax relief. Even though Republican lawmakers are communicating they did provide significant relief, the truth is, it is only for select classes of people and their relief is a shifted burden for other Texans.
  • There was no mask mandate prevention for public schools. What’s Next?
  • It has long been assumed that another special legislative session will take place in October, for at least the delayed redistricting process.
  • It is unclear what other issues might be added to that special session agenda if any.
  • It has not yet been made public when that special session will specifically take place. Conservative Leaders Gala
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