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President Daniels vs. Communist China, &c.

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Mitch Daniels, the president of Purdue University, in the Great Hall of the Purdue Memorial Union, December 2016 (Purdue University / Mark Simons) ChiComs on our campuses; working for Putin; Biden and federalism; the (new) birds and the bees; the King James Bible; a great rhyme; and more

The Chinese government monitors not only people in China — they monitor Chinese abroad, too. This is certainly true on Western campuses. Long ago — mid-1980s — a graduate student at Harvard (Chinese) told me that there were other students who were spying on him. Informing on him.


They are doing it at Purdue, too. A Boilermaker named Zhihao Kong posted something in praise of the martyred students in Tiananmen Square. Other Chinese students harassed and threatened him over this. Also — prepare to be surprised — the authorities back in China paid a visit to his parents.

In a totalitarian state, this is how it goes.

The president of Purdue University is Mitch Daniels, the Reaganite who was once governor of Indiana (and budget director under President George W. Bush, etc.). In a letter to Purdue students, faculty, and staff, Daniels wrote the following about the treatment of Zhihao Kong: “Any such intimidation is unacceptable and unwelcome on our campus.”

He further said this:

. . . joining the Purdue community requires acceptance of its rules and values, and no value is more central to our institution or to higher education generally than the freedom of inquiry and expression. Those seeking to deny those rights to others, let alone to collude with foreign governments in repressing them, will need to pursue their education elsewhere.

That’s our guy. To read an article on this matter, go here.

• A short while ago, after I had written something about Daniels, a reader wrote to ask, “Is there anything you can do to make him president?” (Of the United States, the reader meant, not a university.) No. We would need a different media environment and a different electorate.

But one can always chip away . . .

• Another one bites the dust —

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