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Residency Questions Raised in Texas House Race

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In the Republican primary race for Texas House District 93 in Tarrant County, questions are being raised over one candidate’s eligibility.

Cary Moon and Nate Schatzline, two candidates for the seat, released a joint statement regarding their opponent’s alleged failure to establish a permanent residency in the district. 

According to their statement, the apartment Laura Hill (former Southlake mayor) maintains in HD 93 is not her residence. A Schatzline canvasser left a mailer on the apartment door and returned for 10 successive days to find the mailer was never removed. Moon and Schatzline allege that Hill is merely maintaining an address and not a residency in the district.

“Laura Hill clearly doesn’t live in the apartment she falsely claimed as her residence. Her ballot application misrepresents her residency. What voters want is someone who will fight for the truth and tell the truth. Her ballot application is not truthful. She should be removed,” said Schatzline.

Moon echoed Schatzline, stating, “There is a fair process for candidates to document and to establish residency within a district. Texas law is in place to ensure representation for people, by people, who live in the same district. A stark error has been made. The Tarrant County GOP should have a cure for the default, otherwise the application is void.”

Moon and Schatzline have filed a formal complaint with the Republican Party of Tarrant County.

Texas legislators are required by law to maintain a residence in the district they run in for a year prior to the election. However, candidates often skirt this law by buying a house or renting an apartment a year out from the election. 

Hill appears to have used this legal loophole, but it will be difficult to prove that the apartment is not her legal residence. 

State Sen. Brian Birdwell

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