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Texas Heartbeat Act Comes Out on Top

This week Brandon is joined by Jacob Asmussen Senior Correspondent for Texas Scorecard. Catch The Headline LIVE right here this, and every Friday at...

Abbott Ignores Republican Priorities

Brandon is joined by Jeramy Kitchen this week to talk about the new special session called by Governor Abbott. Catch The Headline LIVE right...

Second Special Session Comes to an End

This week Brandon is joined by Texas Senior Correspondents Jeramy Kitchen and Jacob Asmussen. Catch The Headline LIVE right here this, and every Friday...

Latest news

The Question Biden Needs to Answer

President Joe Biden hosts a virtual summit as part of the United Nations General Assembly from the South Court Auditorium in the White House complex in Washington, D.C, September 22, 2021. (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters) There are missing pieces in the narrative concerning the lead-up to the tragic drone strike in Kabul. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W henever something awful happens in our government, there is a kind of informal competition among columnists to be the first to write: “What did the president know, and when did he know it?” It is a tedious cliché. But the matter of the Kabul drone strike in which U.S. forces killed ten innocent civilians — including an aid worker and seven children — raises precisely that question. Joe Biden as commander in chief bears some general culpability for this slaughter — but if he was leaning on his underlings to put some bodies into body bags in order to grease the … To Read the Full Story
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