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Students at a Pro-Transgender Women's College Decry Its Anti-Nonbinary Attitude

Women have come a long way. Surely, there was a time when some didn’t want to be women. Early in America, they weren’t allowed...

Matthew McConaughey Teases No Longer, Paves the Way for Beto

To the disappointment of some, Matthew McConaughey did what he promised a few days ago, and announced whether he would throw his hat in...

Leftists Stoop to New Low in Latest Effort to Cancel Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted during his murder trial, which was a great relief for him and his family. Of course, the case never...

Is the GOP About to Blow the 2022 Elections by Acting Like the Last Six Years Didn't Happen?

Right now, everything is aligning perfectly for a GOP rout of the socialists who control Congress in the 2022 elections. Senior Democrats are retiring...

‘Devout Catholic’ Biden Is Doing an Awesome Job Pretending He's Not Trying to Quash Religious Freedoms

We, and countless other conservative media outlets, have written extensively about “devout Catholic” Joe Biden’s legendary hypocrisy, particularly with all things religion. It knows...
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